Beat My Price from Bespoke Offers

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Every spare penny I have gets spent on travel these days, so getting a bargain on my everyday spending is important to me. Especially on those larger items like gifts (my family is enormous – there’s a birthday every other day!), travel gadgets, and technology. Like my laptop – a…

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Postcard From… Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina


In Postcard From this week, Sarah and Kris of Jetsetting Fools share their stories and photos from charming Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina – and give plenty of reasons you should stay longer than one day. Rich history, incredible cuisine, and that picturesque Old Bridge, all on the banks of a beautiful river…

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Please Vote For Me!

Me with a monkey! Amazon - Animal Rescue Centre.

Happy Monday everyone! Massively exciting news… I’ve been nominated by DFDS Seaways for Best Travel Blogger 2015! WOW! I really mean it – wow. It’s a huge honour and winning would mean the world to me (of course). But what it means is that once again I need to call in…

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Communication from the Road

Mango Salute

Shoshana Jones-Resnik is founder of Mango Salute, the fine art card brand reviving traditional greetings. She’s dedicated to enhancing intercultural communication and believes that in today’s global age where businesses are crossing continents, it’s crucial to understand cultural gaps and create quality relationships despite the distance. Shoshana is a self-confessed…

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