Seven of the Coolest Plane Paint Jobs

ICELANDAIR Hekla Aurora plane

Who says aeroplanes have to be boring? Or white, for that matter? These seven amazing planes prove that they don’t. With fun, colourful or downright epic paint jobs – known in the business as livery – as well as some seriously cool themed interiors, these awesome aircrafts are all active at the…

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January Instagram Round-up

View of Brussels

First of all, a quick shout-out to Dave Cole of Cook Sip Go – whose monthly Instagram round-up inspired me to start sharing my own. I’ve started using Instagram (@emluxton) a lot more these days, and it’s probably the best way to follow me in my travels as I post photos frequently…

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How Much do Travel Vaccinations Cost?

Needles on a map, travel vaccinations

According to a recent survey carried out by Post Office Travel Insurance, a whopping 47% of gap year travellers have left home without the correct vaccinations required for their destination. I was genuinely surprised that the number was so high, especially when most vaccines are relatively cheap – or even…

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Photo Friday – Music Shop in Brussels

This week’s Photo Friday comes from Brussels, which I spent three days exploring last week and absolutely loved. All the historical sites and architecture were one thing – but even more fun to explore was the abundance of awesome shops and cool street art. This music shop near the Grand Place…

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