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I took this shot a couple of weeks ago on a gorgeous clear day in London. Recently, the phenomena known as ‘love locks’ have started to spring up on the Millennium Bridge over the Thames (opposite St Pauls). I was pretty pleased with this shot, capturing the Shard in the background with those cute, engraved padlocks in the foreground. Lovelocks are fairly controversial, with some people calling them damaging vandalism and others calling tokens of love – what’s your opinion?

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  1. Similar to those on the Ha Penny Bridge in Dublin.

  2. I think the local councils hate love locks.. given that it costs time and money to remove them :).. I have photographed these in Liverpool, Vilnius and Rome!!

    • I heard that the padlocks can damage some bridges, though, which is why they need to remove them :( The ones I found in Amsterdam were on an antique bridge which is apparently suffering because of them.

      Then again, the ones I’ve seen in Paris on a bridge near the Louvre are numbering in the thousands and no one seems to want to remove them, so perhaps it does depend on the bridge!

      I still think they’re cute!!

  3. I agree they’re cute, but they suit boring, plain bridges… but if we had tons on the Millennium Bridge like the one near the Louvre it would be overkill. I hope it doesn’t turn into thousands!

  4. Tokens of love… Nice click btw :)

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