The Best Cities to Visit in France!

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I find that Europe possesses some of the ​greatest countries​ on planet earth. One of my favourites is the legendary city of France. Almost everyone dreams of visiting France someday, and those that have, want to go again. What makes it such a special place? Well, there are loads of sights in loads of wonderful cities. The hardest part of a trip to France is choosing where to go. So, I’ve decided to make things a tiny bit easier for you. Below are the four best places to
visit in France:

Lyon France


Found in the eastern part of France, Lyon comes in third on the list of ‘biggest French cities’. Which, naturally, means there will be plenty to do and places to explore. What sets Lyon apart from the rest is that it’s split up into various different sections. The further into the city you go, the more restaurants and bars you find. The absolute centre of Lyon is a cultural hub and full of tourists. Then you have some outer areas that are filled with some eye-catching gothic architecture. To put it simply, you won’t be disappointed with a trip to this French city!

Louvre, Paris, France


There’s no way I was leaving Paris off this list! The capital city of France and a place of real French character. Everything about Paris is incredible, from the restaurants to the people. Paris is such a great city to visit; you could easily stay there for a week and find things to do. You have the historic elements, like the classic architecture. Then you have the cultural parts like the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. And then there’s the downright silly fun of Disneyland! Paris is a city of great romance and style; you can’t leave France without paying it a visit.

Strasbourg France


This city has made it on my list because of the way it blends two different cultures into one. Strasbourg is found right on the border with Germany, and as such there is a cultural combination. The main city centre is awash with both German and French architecture, it’s a beauty to behold. This city is also famous for having a rich history and housing many museums. If you want to learn about French culture, this is definitely the place to do it. Plus, you get to enjoy some of the finest French cuisines and maybe a cheeky bratwurst from over the border too.

Marseille France


A city famous for its seaport and docks filled with boats and yachts. Marseille is located on the coast and gets it’s fair share of Mediterranean weather. If you want to travel to France for some good weather, then Marseille is the place for you. It’s also famous for creating the iconic dish bouillabaisse, a staple of French cuisine. You’ll also spend your whole trip stunned by the sheer beauty of the place. The architecture is astounding and the buildings are rich with medieval history. You could even take a trip to the iconic Stade Velodrome to watch Olympique De Marseille play football.

This post has been contributed by Laura

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  1. I think I would put Nice on the list too?!

  2. worldjourneysdiscover

    i think Lyon is amazing! Probably my favourite city I’ve visited in France. Great list!

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