Emily Luxton

Emily Luxton is the award winning travel blogger and writer behind emilyluxton.co.uk and backpacksouthamerica.com. A digital nomad, she travels as much as she can and funds it with freelance work and blogging.

Review: No. 1 Traveller Lounge, Gatwick


My flight was delayed by half an hour. Never mind, I thought, settling back back into my comfy leather couch and taking another sip of wine. There’s probably time for another brownie. I could get used to travelling like this. Between my flight from Barcelona to Gatwick that morning and…

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Five of the Best Budget Destinations in Europe for 2015

cheap europe holidays 2015

Europe is generally considered a fairly expensive continent to travel, not just by backpackers but also by those looking for more short term travels. Although far pricier in general than, say, South East Asia, the steady increase in budget airline routes, and the falling euro, mean it’s actually getting easier to…

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Review: Hotel EETU, Costa Brava

review of hotel eetu begur

Never before have I felt so instantly welcome at a hotel. The owner of the Hotel EETU, a man so charming that it’s a crime I never got his name, was a burst of friendly warmth and a catching passion for his trade, while the entire hotel – sleepily waking up…

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