Emily Luxton

Emily Luxton is the award winning travel blogger and writer behind emilyluxton.co.uk and backpacksouthamerica.com. A digital nomad, she travels as much as she can and funds it with freelance work and blogging.

Guest Post – VILLA AMSON

Bonder & Co, a luxury villa rental company and a house concierge, has a high-end portfolio of more than 300 Villas to rent in Ibiza, Formentera and in Barcelona as well. After visiting Villa Amson, it was absolutely clear this house needs to be included in their deluxe collection. With…

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An Ice Cold Adventure in Bolivia

Snowy landscape at Parque Eduardo Alvaroa

Last week, while I was shivering my toes off sightseeing in a slightly snowy Brussels, I spotted the awesome new Ice Cold Adventures campaign from outdoor clothing brand Berghuas. They’re publishing a list of their top five ice cold adventures over the next couple of weeks – like Helvellyn in the Lake…

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Exploring the Real Netherlands: Utrecht

Utrecht mural

The first two times I visited The Netherlands, I only visited Amsterdam. I fell in love with the city, the food, and the Dutch people, and that love drew me back to the country a third time. But on this trip, I wanted to get away from the capital, with it’s…

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Guest Post: Top 5 Museums in London

When you come in London, one of the first things that you want to do is to see the attractions that are famous all over the world. From museums to the Big Bang and the Buckingham Palace, all of these are amazing places to visit during your vacation. Before you…

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Guest Post – Road trip to luxury in the UK

The United Kingdom has a tremendous amount of decadence available for the avid traveller. The land of monarchies and royalty, it makes sense that an innate luxury would line the streets and coat the buildings of this nation. It also explains why so many people choose to visit cities like…

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Top 5 International Destinations

Guest Post by Jennie Trotter Are you looking at moving to a foreign destination, but want to keep your options open for possible countries? If so, there are all sorts of places you can select, but you really need to go where your heart tells you. However, beyond this, while…

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