An Ice Cold Adventure in Bolivia

Snowy landscape at Parque Eduardo Alvaroa

Last week, while I was shivering my toes off sightseeing in a slightly snowy Brussels, I spotted the awesome new Ice Cold Adventures campaign from outdoor clothing brand Berghuas. They’re publishing a list of their top five ice cold adventures over the next couple of weeks – like Helvellyn in the Lake…

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Photo Friday – Uyuni Train Cemetery

Uyuni Train Cemetery, Bolivia

Today’s Photo Friday comes from the city of Uyuni in Bolivia. On the outskirts of town, in this grey desert wasteland, is a huge train cemetery filled with rusting relics of Uyuni’s glory days as a transport hub. Now, the warped metals and graffiti-strewn rusted engines make an adventurous playground,…

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Photo Friday – Condor

Condor, La Paz Zoo, Bolivia

This week’s Photo Friday is one of the ugliest animals I’ve ever seen, the unfortunately-faced condor. We spotted loads of these birds, which look incredible in the air but less pleasant up close, at the cruz del condor in Colca Canyon, Peru. But this pretty birdie was in a large…

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Death Road Photos

Death Road Altitude Photos

I’ve finally gotten around to sorting through the photos that our tour group, Altitude, sent me after we biked Death Road with them in La Paz, Bolivia. It was a pretty bright day so most of them were a tiny bit over-exposed, but I’ve given them a tweak to bring…

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Photo Friday – Death Road

Death Road, Bolivia

I finally managed to track down the photos from our Death Road trip in Bolivia, which were very kindly taken by our tour company Altitude on their GoPro. So, of course, one of those had to be today’s Photo Friday. I’m the wussy one on the end nearest the camera…

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Photo Friday – Llama

Salar Day Two, Llama

  This week’s Photo Friday comes from one of my posts about the four day Salar de Uyuni trip in Bolivia. I spotted this guy grazing just outside of town, and while I was focusing my camera he looked up from grazing and fixed me with a stare just long enough to…

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Uyuni Train Cemetery

Train Cemetery Uyuni

Our four day trip from Tupiza to Salar de Uyuni ended in the centre of Uyuni at about 1pm, so from there we headed straight to Uyuni’s second biggest attraction, the Train Cemetery. About 3km outside the town, surrounded by a dusty wasteland filled with loose rubbish and stray dogs,…

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Salar de Uyuni Tour, Day One – Wind and Snow

Pueblo Fantasmo, Salar Trip Day One

24th May 2014 The Salar de Uyuni tour is easily the most popular tourist destination in Bolivia, and it’s easy to see why. The salt flats themselves are breath taking, and the three day tour from Uyuni takes in a ton of incredible sights around that part of the country.…

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Photo Friday – Bolivia Chile Border

Bolivia/Chile Border

Today’s Photo Friday comes from the Bolivia/Chile border. As we crossed over from Bolivia to Chile, we stopped to swap buses in between the two borders, which are actually a few minute’s drive apart. We stopped right by this sign next to the train track, in a rubble-strewn desert which…

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