Exploring Rio – Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer

15th July One of our final stops in Rio before heading back to the UK was the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue at the top of Corcovado. This is a serious tourist trap; overcrowded, overpriced and  very over-done, but it also felt like the one thing we couldn’t miss in Rio…

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Exploring Rio – Lapa


14th and 15th July We may have spent our first four nights in Rio slumming it in the Rocinha favela thanks to the hugely inflated World Cup accommodation prices, but thankfully right after the weekend of the final match Sam and I were able to switch to a more reasonably priced hostel in…

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Exploring Rio – Santa Teresa

World Cup Mural

12th July  Rio de Janeiro, we discovered, is an absolutely enormous city with dozens of different districts to explore, so varied that it can feel like you’re visiting multiple cities at once. From the Rocinha favela, where we were staying in the midst of the busy slum town, to the…

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Brazil World Cup in Photos

The 'FIFA go home' tag was to be seen a lot in Rio's centre

This year, I was lucky enough to be in Brazil during the 2014 World Cup, and I was even in Rio for the final. As you’ve probably noticed, there were mixed feeling across the country about hosting the World Cup, with large-scale protesting last year certainly influenced by the decision, and…

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Staying in a Favela in Rio

Rocinha Favela

  10th – 14th July  It was the very first day of the final week of our five month trip, so of course, everything had to go wrong. We arrived in Rio after a slow and uncomfy bus ride from Paraty which took a fair amount longer than the scheduled four hours;…

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Trindade Beach near Paraty

4th – 10th July 2014 The fourth stop in our Brazil itinerary, Paraty, was a bit of an odd choice given our current northern location, but, as I mentioned before in my Porto Seguro post, our route was somewhat misshapen since our destination choices were dictated by budget, with the…

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Porto Seguro – Centro Historico

Porto Seguro Centro Historico

On our second day in Porto Seguro, we visited the Centro Historico, a small strip of colonial buildings perched on top of the lush, green hill overlooking the town. Most of the buildings were unused, some now housing museums and exhibitions, or bustling souvenir shops, but the brightly coloured paintwork…

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Porto Seguro

Mutari, Porto Seguro

25th – 3rd July 2014 I’ve already mentioned that one side effect of the World Cup in Brazil this year was the stadiums driving visitors to towns which previously weren’t major tourist hotspots, like Belo Horizonte. Another effect was that the huge inflation of prices – particularly accommodation prices – in…

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Belo Horizonte

Park, Belo Horizonte

23rd – 24th June 2014 The World Cup events in Brazil have, of course, been a huge boost for tourism there and have also put some less-visited areas onto the travellers’ map, with some of the games being held in places that haven’t always been big tourist destinations. Like Belo…

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Iguassu Falls – Brazil Side

Iguassu Brazil

20th June 2014 It sounds foolish to say it now, but as soon as we crossed the grey concrete bridge from Argentina to Brazil I noticed a difference that seemed to lie in more than the new language showing on every sign and shop front. Foz do Iguaçu, just a…

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