Coming Home from a Long Trip

Taking lots of countryside walks in Winchester with this big fella!

I’ve been back in the UK for just over six weeks now, and let me tell you adjusting back to ‘real life’ after five months on the road in South America has been pretty tough. Although, we haven’t exactly returned to our usual routine: Instead of going back to our…

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Two Weeks in the Lake District

Cat Bells, Lake District

It’s strange how so many of us travellers are desperate to make our way around the world as much as possible, but tend to neglect the possibilities within our own countries. Exploring your home country is a great way to extend your travels in between trips abroad, so when we got…

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Review: Trustedhousesitters


We’ve just spent two weeks in the Lake District, staying in an enormous and beautifully decorated four bedroom house with three great cats for company, with the stunning national park and the northern fells practically on our doorstep and a huge garden for enjoying the rare appearances of the English summer…

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Back in the UK

Time for a quick update before I carry on posting my now very behind schedule stories from South America. Coming soon – posts on Iguassu Falls and reviews for a whole load of amazing things I did in Paraty and Rio, so keep an eye out for those. For the…

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What I’m Looking Forward to Coming Home To

With less than two weeks left of my five month trip now, the reality that I’ll soon be in the UK has suddenly hit me. But, rather than get depressed about one trip ending – I’ve decided to count my blessings and think about what I’m looking forward to returning…

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We’re Housesitters Now!

Dog walking in the UK

Ever since we started planning this trip, people have been asking me the one thing no traveller wants to think about: “what will you do when you get back?“. Good question! Sam and I both quit our jobs before we came away, ended the contract on our flat, and left not very…

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