Postcard From… El Chino, Peru

Motorised Canoe to El Chino

Welcome to this week’s Postcard From – the feature where I chat to some lucky explorer about their recent travels. If you would like to take part please get in touch – or @em_luxton – I would love to hear from you! This week’s Postcard is from Hannah, the blogger behind…

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Photo Friday – Monkey

Capuccin Monkey, Amazon

Today’s Photo Friday was taken at an animal rescue centre in the Amazon rainforest outside of Iquitos, Peru. The capuccin monkeys were so cute and seemed to love posing in front of the camera, or showing off in the branches for us. I managed to snap this shot just as the…

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Photo Friday – Desert Meets Sea

Paracas Desert Meets Sea

Today’s Photo Friday comes from Paracas in Peru, which I visited earlier this year. The Paracas National Park is a huge area of untouched desert with rocky hills and looming sand dunes, which comes to an abrupt and striking end at the coast where the parched expanse of desert suddenly meets…

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Floating Islands, Lake Titicaca

Floating Islands, Puno

27th April 2014 After so many awesome tours, cities, and sights of the last few weeks, our final day in Peru was a tiny bit of a let down, because we spent it taking a tour of the overly-touristy, disappointingly staged, floating islands in Lake Titicaca. I’d been looking forward…

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Arequipa Walking Tour

Arequipa, San Francisco Church

25th April 2014 Arequipa, the white painted colonial city we stayed in either side of our three day Colca Canyon trek, was a beautiful, relaxed place with loads of pretty architecture. The whole city centre doesn’t stand much taller than two storeys, and almost every building is painted white, giving it…

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Little Girl, Cabanaconde, Peru

Colca Day Three

Throughout South America, I’ve been meeting some absolutely adorable children, like this highly suspicious little girl in Cabanaconde, while we were doing our Colca Canyon trek. I shared some Skittles with her, in exchange for a quick photo, but I couldn’t convince her to smile or speak to me! I…

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Colca Canyon Trek, Day Three

24th April 2014 The third day of the Colca Canyon trek started nice and early with breakfast at 4:30am, ready to start the long, painfully steep climb back up to the top of the canyon. I’m actually a little ashamed to admit this next part – so much so that…

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Colca Canyon Trek, Day Two

Colca Day Two

23rd April 2014 Our second day started early, at 5am when the sun was rising pale and cold over a chilly valley, catching in the soft grey mist over the dewy fields. After a very short drive, we trekked along the valley’s edge in brightening sunshine to the Cruz del…

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Colca Canyon Trek, Day One

Colca Day One, Stone Forest

22nd April 2014 As if the four day Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu hadn’t been enough, as soon as we left Cusco and arrived in beautiful Arequipa, The White City, we booked ourselves another trek, this time to Colca Canyon. We paid a little higher than our usual backpacker…

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Easter Parade, Cusco

Cusco Easter Parade

20th April 2014 After our four day Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu, we spent a few more days in the beautiful city of Cusco simply relaxing and making the most of the ridiculously cheap massages. It was Easter weekend, and there were parades and celebrations every day, particularly at…

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Free Walking Tour Cusco

Cusco Walking Tour

19th April 2014 One of our last activities in Cusco was something that we really should have done much sooner, preferably as soon as we arrived, the Free Walking Tour. It was full of great tips about things to try and places to visit, and would have been a great…

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