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Postcard From is a weekly interview feature, where I chat with a fellow blogger or travel lover about their latest trip, their hometown, or where they’re living at the moment. So far, this exciting feature has taken Emily Luxton Travels to over one hundred countries and touched on every continent – even Antarctica! Here’s how to take part…

Send Me a Postcard

If you fancy taking part in Postcard From, send an email to with the subject line “I want to send you a Postcard From” and the following info.

  • Where you’d like to send a postcard from – scroll down to read more about what I’m looking for.
  • What kind of trip it was – eg weekend break / part of a  long-term trip / etc
  • OR if it’s a postcard from your home-town / where you live at the moment.
  • One image from your trip

PLEASE NOTE: Sending me this email is just the first step. Once I check your email and make sure that I’m happy for you to take part, I’ll send you the guidelines and questions for Postcard From. It’s an interview feature, so there are about ten questions for you to answer and send back to me, with pictures, about your trip.

Please read a recent Postcard From first so that you know what they look like!

What I’m Looking For

All destinations are considered on Postcard From, even repeats from places I’ve had before. But, being unique is more fun, so try a search on my site of your destination plus the word Postcard to see if it’s been done before. Literally any destination, no matter how common, will be considered – but at the moment I’m particularly interested in the following:

  • Anywhere in Central or South America
  • Anywhere in Africa
  • States and cities in the USA that aren’t commonly travelled to. 
  • Off the beaten path places that don’t get visited much
  • Anywhere unusual, quirky, or different – or an alternative, unusual or quirky take on a common destination.
  • If you travelled somewhere for a specific festival or event 

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