Packing for South America: Trekking Trousers

Mountain Warehouse Trousers

Did you know mosquitoes can bite through clothes? Neither did I, until I wore my leggings hiking in Colombia and later found my legs covered in big red bites. Lucky for me, I have a walking mosquito repellent in the form of Sam, who is apparently so delicious to the…

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Our South American Adventure (A Summary)

Father and Son, Machu Picchu

With this week’s posts on Rio, I have finally finished writing about my five month trip in South America with my boyfriend Sam. Along the way, I kept my “timeline” post more or less updated, so if you want the precise low-down of what I did across those 155 incredible…

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How to get from Colombia to Peru down the Amazon

Amazon River

The town of Leticia, in Colombia’s bottom right corner, is right on the borders with Brazil and Peru, and it’s possible to reach both countries via boat. You can fly to Leticia from anywhere in Colombia via a connection in Bogota. At the airport in Leticia, you need to get…

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South American Adventure – Timeline and Index

On Cerro Montserrate in Bogota

Since it’s easy to lose track of my relatively sporadic travel update posts, I thought I’d create one single post on my homepage listing our adventures day by day. I’ll link to any posts I eventually put up as well – so it’ll hopefully become an index for posts about…

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